Liptov offers a wide range of walking tours thanks to the ideal & nbsp; position and many natural beauties. Visitors can choose from a variety of challenging hiking trails.

Hrabovo doline

Easy walking hiking to Hrabovska tank to Malino Brdo with possibility to climb the top of Malina Brda funicular. Visitors will enjoy beautiful views of Little Fatra, Great Fatra, Choc Mountains, Low and High Tatras.

Čutkovská dolina

One of beautiful valleys Great Fatra. Easy Walk (Suitable for Kids) beautiful valley. The Hrabovská Valley is connected to the Čutkovská Valley by a cycling trail.

Trlen Valley

Trlen Valley is located in the Greater Fatra when turning off the road between Biely Potok and Vlkolinec. It belongs to interesting sites and relaxation zones.

Prosiecka, Kvačianska dolina

Prosiecka dolina belongs to the national nature reserve Prosiecka and Kvačianska dolina. It is a tourist most sought-after valleys in Slovakia. It enters it from the village of Prosiek. The total length of about 3.5 km includes a large number of natural beauties, high rock walls, waterfalls and rich forest stands.

The Great Fatra and its gems

The whole Great Fatra is accessible to tourists directly from the hotel.

  • Šiprúň – lookout hill in the northern part of Veľká Fatra.
  • Rakytov – the highest peak of the Liptov part of Veľká Fatra.
  • Ploská– is nice oval hill in the Great Fatra. It’s perfect as a kids trip – they don’t really have a place to fall there. As a rule, you will reach the chalet and sheep , so fun for kids is taken care of. At the end of summer you will find a lot of blueberries or crates here.
  • Sidorovo – mighty conical hill picturesque above Vlkolínec.
  • Borišov – is a distinctive hill in the central part of the Great Fatra with the possibility of relaxing on the cottage below Borišov.

Big Choc

Big Choc with an altitude of 1,611 meters above sea level is the highest peak in the Choc Hills. It is visible from Štrba and from the whole lower Orava. The peak is very popular with tourists. It has the shape of an irregular pyramid with numerous rocky parts. From the top of Choč there is an excellent circular view. It is overgrown with dwarf trees and has been sung by many poets, including P.O. Hviezdoslav, who came from Vyšné Kubín, lying directly below Choč. Choč is considered one of the most beautiful mountains in Slovakia.

Brankov Waterfall

A trip to Brankov Waterfall could be characterized as a simple hike / walk suitable for families. The ascent to the waterfall itself takes only 25-30 min. It is attractive both in winter and summer, but sometimes it does not flow from rock during dry season. The 55m waterfall falls among the highest waterfalls in Slovakia.

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