Ski resort Malinô Brdo Ružomberok offers a lot of various sport opportunities during a winter season like a downhill skiing, snowboarding, alpine skiing and also classic cross country skiing. Tower station of the cableway is only 1km far from Ružomberok. You can get to the cableway`s station in Hrabovo by skibus from hotel Áčko for free.

The cableway`s station is only about 30 meters from hotel Hrabovo. After a few minutes you can get to the altitude 960 meters, which is 1770 meters far from the tower station.

Malinô Brdo offers the following:

This ski resort is proud of its skislope with length 3900 m from top station in altitude 1209 m to the cableway`s station in altitude 960m. You will overcome the hight difference of 664m.



There are many different opportunities waiting for you outside the hotel. Around the hotel there are amazing tracks for mountain bikes, a rope center “Tarzania park” and some beautiful mountain tracks for jogging. Next to the hotel there is a water reservoir so you can spend your time with boating, swimming and sunbathing during the summer.


For those who like hiking, trips to Malinô Brdo, Čebrať and Choč (1611 m a.s.l.) would be very interesting. After these sport activities you can look forward to the healthy sleep at cold nights.