Trainings and celebrations

Do you need to retrain your employees? Are you looking for a pleasant environment for job interviews or presentation of your products? We have a solution for you! A great team of Hotel Áčko is here for you … We will prepare a training room for you. What do you get?

  • Discreet work interview environment (ground floor lounge with a maximum of 28 seats)
  • Open space for important meetings (30-seat lounge)
  • Large training facilities for corporate teambuilding (50 seats restaurant)
  • Technical support (data projector, flipchart, screen, marker)
  • Coffee breaks, snacks, lunches, dinners and much more …

Want to organize a family celebration on the occasion of the jubilee? Looking for a new family member? Are you promoted? Feel free to come visit us. We’re just here for you because:

  • You have a choice of three rooms right in the interior of a beautiful hotel
  • Choose your own menu based on your own taste
  • We will take care of the decoration of your room according to your taste
  • For restless children we have a children’s corner with lots of toys, coloring books and more.
  • For enthusiastic photographers, the perfect setting for the most beautiful shots
Training room pricelist
Lounges rental during training € 15 / hour
Security / flipchart, data projector, whiteboard / € 20 / day
Table setting for events € 40 / day

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